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Angels of Addicts
December 10, 2018

Angels of addicts 😢❤️ I'll be making these ornaments as gifts for $50-$100 donations. Your donation (100% of it) will help…

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How to Break Out of a Hysterical Episode
August 3, 2018

When people first begin to apply mindfulness practices to their life, they usually begin with small, easy steps. When they’re alone,…

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June 15, 2018

I have some pretty impressive cuts on my arm. I both love and fear them. I love them because they are…

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Excerpt from upcoming book- “Awakened Addict”: The Basement
June 14, 2018

Speaking now to rape and torture survivors. My own experience was a twisted mix of bad, abusive relationship and Stockholm syndrome….

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Early stages of Detox
June 8, 2018

Every day. Every single day, every passing moment, was a struggle. I always seemed to be clammy and sweaty, 24/7. As…

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Elizabeth Knell